Needless to say, Apple has brought some customizations in Control Center in iOS 11. We have dealt with this in quite a detail on our blog in following posts:

With the introduction of iOS 11, the control center is back to the single page view. You can simply slide up from the home screen and it appears by occupying the entire screen and blurring the background.

Let’s check out some cool features in Control Center:

control center featuers ios 11 4

Adding More Controls to the Control Center

Go to Settings > Control Center. You can tap on + to add a control to the Control Center while tapping on will remove it from the Control Center. The icons below the Screen Mirroring icon on the Control Center are editable. Let’s see what can be customized.

1. Low Power Button

control center featuers ios 11 5

Tap on the battery icon whenever you want to switch on low battery mode. Once it turns on, its color changes to yellow.

2. Magnifier

Earlier, you could not directly access Magnifier. But you can do so now from the Control Center. There is an icon right next to the battery saver.

3. Apple TV Remote

Tap on the Apple TV button in the Control Center and you would have a full-fledged remote to control your Apple Tv.

control center featuers ios 11 6

4. Screen Recording

iOS 11 screen recording

Well, this was one of the most awaited features. Simply tap on the Screen Recording feature to start recording. Once you are done, tap on the blue box to stop. Your recording will be saved in the Videos album in Photos app.

5. Guided Access

With the help of Guided Access tool, you can now limit the functionality of applications. For example, you don’t need to worry if you give your phone to your child for watching a video or to your friend for calling somebody as one would not be able to open Home Screen by tapping Home Button.

To come out of Guided Access, press the Home Button thrice.

6. Voice Memos

control center featuers ios 11 8

7. Wallet App

One touch control button to directly open Wallet.

8. Notes

Tap on the Notes icon to directly write a Note. 3D touch on the Notes icon and you will have multiple options as shown in the picture.

control center featuers ios 11 1

9. Alarm Control

control center featuers ios 11 2

Tapping on the Alarm control opens Alarms tab in the Clock app. If you 3D touch it, it will show you the options mentioned in above picture.

10. Accessibility Shortcut

control center featuers ios 11 3

Well, one more one-touch Shortcut.

So, these are a few new features in Control Center that you should definitely use. What do you this about these features? Do share your thoughts with us.